About Dorcas

Her world revolves around designing and creating, it has been in her family for generations, starting with her Great Grandmother and her tailoring workshop.

dorcas fotoShe started making dolls clothes at a very young age, with left over fabrics from her mothers sewing. At around 12 she was already making clothes for friends and family.

At 18, Dorcas was already sewing professionally, even though she was working full time in a perfumery shop. Everything she had learnt from her mother was being put into practice and had a passion for it.

Yearning to open a workshop as from a very young age, like her grandmother,  she was pressured not to by her own mother. In the end, after having twin boys, Dorcas opened her first workshop in 1991. Some time after opening the workshop, she took various courses including an international course in design and pattern making in Madrid, and from then on, each garment was custom made, exclusive for each client.

With this new confidence Dorcas started doing fashion shows and taking part in competitions. This took her to Madrid, Marbella, Morocco, Portugal, London and obviously Gibraltar, her homeland.

After winning a few designer competitions Dorcas won the most important award at the  agulha du ouro, (Golden Needle), in Portugal, which sent her to the Ifema Madrid fashion week for two seasons.

With these fashion shows came yearly Pageant gowns, which included the dress worn by the winner of the Miss World contest 2009, Kaiane Aldorino.

With all this acquired knowledge, Dorcas opened Dorcas Fashion Academy in Gibraltar, conducting courses on design, pattern cutting, sewing.

After all these years, involved in the fashion industry, Dorcas is ready to launch her first online collection, producing designs that are different to the rest and quite exclusive.

With the techniques developed over the years, Dorcas can guarantee the quality of her garments, made with meticulous care and attention to detail, that puts her apart from the rest.

Only the finest quality materials used, in the making of exclusive designs specially for you, by choosing AttraXione brand, you will be dressing yourself with exclusivity and elegance, with a twist!!!




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